About PetaRay

PetaRay is a startup company chartered with the mission to deliver the most natural and comfortable experiences for mixed reality by providing industry leading light field technology. PetaRay positions itself as a key enabler of this next-generation computing paradigm. Founded by experts having 15+ years of light field experiences, We are very confident in our technical capability.

PetaRay developed a near-eye light field display module LiFiD to solve the dizziness and uncomfortable feeling of existing mixed reality displays. It reproduces the light rays traveling in space, projects them directly onto the retina of users, and hence is free of the discomfort of vergence accommodation conflict. The module is nicely packaged to offer a compact form factor extremely suitable for wearable devices. In addition, it can accommodate many different kinds of eyepieces and light sources.

Contact : contact@petaray.com