Our Technology

PetaRay's cutting-edge near-eye light field display LiFiD resolves the vergence-accommodation conflict (VAC), a major bottleneck hindering the growth of the AR/VR industry. Distinct from traditional near-eye displays, our revolutionary technology projects light rays directly onto the retina, forming continuous focal plane, and hence prevents users from dizziness and fatigue.

The generation of light field is fast. With PetaRay's patented software, the light field content can be generated in real-time from 3D information using existing general purpose processors.


  • Consistent with human visual perception

  • Project light field directly onto the retina to solve VAC

  • Continuous focal plane

Main features

  • No eye tracker required

  • No moving mechanical part required

  • No additional content adjustment required

  • No additional power consumption in the optical engine

  • Feasible with existing mass production technology

  • Light weighted

  • Scalable with micro display technology advances

Contact : contact@petaray.com